12V Intelligent Charger
12V Intelligent Charger
12V Intelligent Charger

GEAR GREMLIN 12V Intelligent Charger

A microprocessor-based intelligent battery charger and maintainer. Suitable for all 12V. 2.3Ah - 120Ah battery types, gel and lead acid. Input 240V. 50/60 Hz. Do not use with NiCD or NiMH batteries. The charger will automatically adjust the charging current according to the battery's capacity rating and diagnose and try to recover a sulphated battery. It can recover high resistance caused by sulfation, which a conventional charger is not able to perform, as well as check and indicate a weak or damaged battery. Long term connection will not damage the battery due to the automatic voltage management system which will cut charging when battery is fully charged. Additional FEATURES :
are: Polarity Reverse Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Over Current Protection and Over Voltage Protection.

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