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Gear GremlinTM Motorcycle Accessories
To enhance the levels of grip and feedback required, ergonomically designed surfaces are incorporated utilising a deep-ridged portion and a fine diamond pattern. The deep ridges provide the extra purchase in adverse conditions and the fine diamond pattern with softer compound rubber maximises overall friction and comfort. Grooves are incorporated at the ends of the grips to enable lock wiring if required. Manufactured from a non- perishable and anti-split rubber.
‘ Suitable for 22mm diameter handlebars. PART NO GG341
                               HANDLEBAR GRIPS -
Designed to provide excellent levels of purchase, comfort and durability these handlebar grips utilise a deep block pattern throughout.
This pattern maximises durability while the medium compound rubber used provides excellent all-round friction and comfort. Manufactured from a non-perishable and anti-split rubber and are also supplied with a throttle spacing ring and finishing caps.
‘ Suitable for 22mm diameter handlebars. PART NO GG342

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