S100– Germany’s Number One Motorcycle Care Brand

Launched in 1980, S100 motorbike cleaner was the first of its kind in the world. It was invented by Dr Oscar Wack, an Industrial chemist, who needed something to clean the concrete-hard dried mud and spun-off chain grease from his sons’ motocross bikes.

The formula was so successful that he created the S100 brand and started selling it to riders. Over the following years the R & D team at his German factory developed other groundbreaking products, such as S100 White Chain Spray in 1996.

S100 only develops motorcycle care products that provide new solutions for existing problems or significantly improve existing products. This philosophy has resulted in well over 100 awards and test victories for S100 in the past 40 years.

Today, S100 offers a wide range of products for motorcycles, chains, helmets and clothing.

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