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 84 B U F F A L O
   ...whether you ride in the urban jungle or on the wide open highway
Strength and endurance with urban attitude - Buffalo lets you tackle the environment head-on.
 Motorcycling transcends all boundaries and, as such, motorcyclists are united in a shared passion; a desire for freedom on the open road, confidence to explore beyond limits and a belief this shouldn’t come with a hefty price-tag.
For over 30 years, Buffalo motorcycle wear has maintained
a reputation for offering value for money with hard-wearing longevity, backed up by uncompromising attention to safety and finished
off with eye-catching styling.
And, for the next 30 years, the British-designed brand plans to maintain the trust of riders who depend on its wide range of products.
The origins of Buffalo on two wheels were humble; our ‘first ride’ began with just one jacket - the ‘070’. With growing confidence
and a quest for more adventure, the collection soon expanded to the next level. The introduction of the ‘Blytz’ jacket offered riders fantastic attention to detail, style and safety.
This hard work was rewarded when leading industry publication, Motorcycle News, awarded Blytz their coveted ‘Best Buy’ tag.
Buffalo stands unflinching and confidently toe-to-toe with premium brands of today - the ultimate companion for all-season riding, tricky and rough terrain, daily commutes, or those last-minute adventures that allow us
to unwind and feel human again.
When it comes to safety, there’s never a compromise in this pivotal area. With CE-approved armour and constant development to ensure you are covered; Buffalo makes taking on the Urban jungle and leaving it behind accessible to all.
   so, whatever season you head out, whether you tackle the city streets or the wide open highway, make sure buffalo has your back.

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