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  Scottoiler products are the benchmark for motorcycle chain lubrication systems.
 A Scottoiler chain oiler system can help you save time, money and hassle by automatically lubricating your chain while you ride.
   Chain oiler systems are accessories for your motorcycle that take over the entire chain maintenance regime. Automatic chain lubrication means no more messing around with dirty chains and more time to ride. Benefits include:
Automatically lubricate your chain
only when you ride
Significantly increases chain and sprockets life
Reduces the amount of manual chain maintenance required
Cleaner and more efficient lubrication Saves you time, money and hassle
How it works
Traditional chain maintenance is messy and time-consuming. No one likes it and sometimes we just put off cleaning and lubricating the chain. You do it too?
The problem with traditional chain spray is that it’s sticky and tacky.
It has to be – so that it stays on your chain for as long as possible. However, due to its tackiness, your chain will pick up dirt and grit from the road. Over time this then turns into the black grinding paste that every motorcyclist hates.
This grinding paste is what wears away your O-Rings and ultimately makes your chain fail prematurely.
With a Scottoiler chain oiler system, you are always feeding minimal amounts of oil to your chain. This allows us to use a lubricant that has almost no tack additives and dirt and grit will not stick to it. A cleaner chain means your chain does not develop the black grinding paste. Your chain will last up to 7 times longer, plus you don’t need to manually clean and lubricate it every 300 miles.
Enjoy more time on the road – with a Scottoiler chain oiler system.

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