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Premium, multi-purpose, moisture repellent spray with many uses which include cleaning, protecting and lubricating. For use in and around the home, garage and workshop.
With excellent dewatering properties, it repels moisture, penetrates corroded threads, lubricates and even offers protection against corrosion - a valuable product for every mechanic and an essential piece of emergency kit for all bikes!
NOTE: May affect certain rubbers and plastics.
500ML S800251503 £7.43
This graphited penetrating spray eases the dismantling of siezed threaded fasteners. Can also be used to lubricate and clean cables. When used with a cable oiler, SILKOPEN penetrates the full length of the cable, forcing out dirt and corrosion, leaving a thin graphite and oil lubricating film for a silky smooth lever action.
NOTE: May affect certain rubbers and plastics.
500ML S800251589 £8.35
A powerful cleaner for Brake & Chain components. With its powerful spray, FUCHS SILKOLENE Brake & Chain Cleaner is perfect for removing unwanted deposits from chain and brake components - leaving no oily film whilst maintaining chain and brake performance. Safe to use on seals and hoses.
Directions for Use: Spray on, allow to penetrate, agitate as required and allow to dry. FUCHS strongly advise that the clean chain is lubricated with a FUCHS SILKOLENE
500ML S800251510 £9.75
This powerful solvent cleaner is ideal for cleaning electrical components and other precision parts. Penetrating and quick drying, FUCHS SILKOLENE Contact Cleaner leaves no residue. Perfect for cleaning fouled plugs, dirty points and other precision parts, simply spray onto parts to be cleaned and allow to dry off. CONTACT CLEANER is ideal for cleaning suspension and engine components during assembly, thereby ensuring maximum component life.
500ML S800251534 £9.83
                     A comprehensive range of maintenance products, specifically designed for all types of motorcycles. FUCHS Silkolene have a constant development programme to ensure the range incorporates the latest technological advances.
Solvents interact to remove internal and external gum and resin build up from carburettors and injection systems allowing smoother operation and improved engine performance.
Remove air filter and start engine. With throttle part open, spray into air intake until engine begins to stall. CARB CLEANER is also suitable for cleaning throttle linkages and carburettor bodies.
A high quality water repellent, hard surface conditioner which provides a micro barrier against dirt and unwanted deposits. Safe to use on all exposed bodywork to make cleaning easier. It also retards metal corrosion and inhibits the further adhesion of dirt and mud. PRO PREP gives that elusive ‘factory finish’ and also ensures smooth operation of plastic moving parts. Helps to waterproof and insulate ignition systems.
NOTE: Contains silicones - do not use where painting is carried out or on windscreens
or visors.
   500ML S800251558
  500ML S800251572 £9.83

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