Paddock Stand

GEAR GREMLIN Paddock Stand

A universal paddock stand which is ideal for lubricating chains, cleaning motorcycles and general maintenance. It is a 2-person operation to raise and lower the motorcycle using this stand. With motorcycle held upright and on a smooth level surface, push support pads outwards towards stand to allow clearance, centralise the stand under bike and then locate support pads under swing arm. While keeping the motorcycle upright press down on the handle until it rests on the floor. Check the stability of the motorcycle before leaving it unattended. This stand is designed to support the weight of most motorcycles up to 250kgs. It will not support the additional weight of the rider sitting on the bike. The stand is only to be used on firm, level ground. It is not to be used on grass, gravel or soft ground. This is a universal stand and will fit the majority of bikes. If in doubt as to whether it will work on your bike, please consult your dealer. The Key Collection accepts no liability arising from incorrect assembly or for any other purpose than for that which this product is intended.

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